The manufacturing process in Krimelte utilises potentially explosive liquid gases, which are stored and handled in compliance with all safety requirements. To prevent and avoid accidents, we have a continuously operating gas alarm system and an automatic fire alarm. We also have fire-extinguishing devices and systems. Our employees undergo regular training exercises conducted by the Rescue Service.

A law-abiding company
Due to the usage of potentially explosive liquid gases, Krimelte OÜ has been defined as a company with a category B major accident hazard. We have submitted all of the documents required under the Chemicals Act (a chemical data sheet, a risk analysis, a description of the safety assurance system, a plan for the management of an emergency) to the respective governmental agencies (the Northern Regional Rescue Centre, the Technical Regulatory Authority, the Environmental Inspectorate) and received an activity licence for our manufacturing operations.

The mixture of the utilised liquid gases (propane, isobutane, dimethyl ether and 1,1-difluoroethane (HFC-152), all with an F+ hazard marking) with air is potentially explosive. A major accident may occur in case of a major gas leak and the simultaneous presence Ohualaof an ignition source.

Nature of hazards and extent of the impact zone
The main hazards in case of a fire include high temperature, smoke and toxic gases. In case of a gas explosion, the main hazard factors include thermal radiation, burn wounds to humans and damages to buildings. The radius of the impact zone is 175 meters.

A major accident is notified with a 60-second-long intermittent siren. Then a 30-second-long pause. This cycle is repeated. At the same time, we advise You to follow the news on the mass media channels and on our website at

Instructions in case You hear the siren:
• when outside, move away from the impact zone as perpendicularly to the direction of the wind as possible;
• if possible, go inside and stay there;
• close all windows, doors, ventilation slots and the ventilation system;
• listen to Vikerraadio on 104.1 MHz, watch Eesti Televisioon, and follow the instructions;
• do not needlessly use Your telephone;
• when You hear the siren, also notify Your neighbours.

Information concerning the accident shall be relayed to the Northern Regional Rescue Centre with whom we shall cooperate to ensure the performance of the necessary actions and the reduction of the consequences of the accident.

In compliance with the Emergency Act, we have drafted and submitted an emergency management plan to the Northern Regional Rescue Centre, which includes measures for limiting the consequences of the accident, and the obligation to follow any instructions provided by the rescue service agency.

Detailed information:
Executive Director: Peeter Tohver
tel. 6 059 300