In September 2012 European one-component foam (OCF) manufacturers representing more than 90% of the market came together to sign a Declaration of Intent aimed at implementing international standards and enhancing the reputation of the industry. An early achievement has been the development of standardised test methods, which will allow the performance of OCF products to be measured, compared and communicated in an accurate manner for the first time.

As part of this initiative, OCF manufacturers confirmed their intention to strictly obey EU competition law and comply with EU and national regulations and legal requirements. To confirm their commitment to this undertaking, the companies represented in FEICA’s OCF Technical Working Group, which represents more than 90% of the European market, have signed a Declaration of Intent setting out their shared values and principles of cooperation.


One-component foams are typically supplied in pressurised containers and extruded on-site. They bring significant benefits to window and door installation tasks in construction projects, where they connect, insulate and render joints airtight, while still allowing water vapour to migrate. Application takes a matter of minutes and OCFs typically cure in little over an hour. Although there are many standards available for polyurethane (PU) foams, most are not appropriate for OCFs because they were developed for manufactured, cured PU foams.

As a result, they do not give a reliable indication of the quality of an OCF because they do not take into account the application process, which has a huge bearing on the ultimate quality of the OCF.

Consequently, FEICA’s OCF Technical Working Group has developed a new range of standard test methods that deliver realistic, reproducible results for OCF products. All the companies represented in the Technical Working Group, including Krimelte, have committed to using these standard methods to evaluate and communicate the various properties of their products, such as foam yield. As a result, customers can rest assured that the data they read on product packaging and in literature provides an accurate and honest representation of the product performance, allowing a reliable comparison of different OCF products.

These standard test methods are publicly available for review and download on the FEICA website 

Commenting on these developments, FEICA Secretary General Bernard Ghyoot said, “FEICA welcomes these developments, which represent an important milestone for the OCF industry in Europe. Achieving internationally recognised standards and implementing standardised test methods will help reassure customers of FEICA members that they are getting consistent quality products, measured in the most transparent and reproducible way.”

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