This year, Wolf Group has exported construction foams and sealants to more than forty countries, reporting EUR 53 million in sales in the first nine months – this means a more than 30% growth over the same period in 2009. The good performance in the first three quarters was influenced by favourable economic conditions on the export markets and continued focus on the group’s growth through expansion to new countries. Wolf Group has just signed an agreement with a leading South-American retailer, and will soon start to export construction chemicals to Chile, Peru, Argentina and Columbia.       

According to Wolf Group’s CEO Mr Alar Salum, their successful expansion to the new continent was based on an audit of the quality management system, requested by the potential distributor. The auditing results completely satisfied the client’s criteria. “An international auditing firm carried out an in-depth audit, focusing on the entire manufacturing process from material sourcing to delivery of finished products,” said Salum about the first audit in Wolf Group’s history that was requested by an international client.

“Chile has a very active construction market. Peru, Argentina and Columbia are also on the rise,” said Salum to describe the newly-added markets in Wolf Group’s portfolio. He added that the practice of using sealants and foams is gradually spreading and developing in these countries. Wolf Group is also participating in the residential construction programme following the Chile earthquake – the first sample home using Tempsi wall systems has already been sent to Chile.

In addition to Wolf Group’s growing export network and the increasingly stabilised economic environment on the target markets, the financial performance in the first three quarters has also validated the significant decisions and investments (in production and development of the sales structure) made in the early days of the recession.

In autumn 2009, Krimelte decided to gather all the companies in the group that specialise in sales and production under one umbrella brand, the Wolf Group. Wolf Group unites all the domestic and international sales and production divisions of Krimelte, as well as the Penosil and Tempsi trademarks.

In addition to a factory in Estonia, Krimelte (a Wolf Group company) has two more factories in Russia and Denmark. Wolf Group’s export network includes many countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Japan and Brazil. This year, Wolf Group has already added New-Zealand, Israel, Cyprus, Portugal and Chile to its export portfolio.