The consolidated turnover of the first six months of 2010 of Krimelte, an insulating foam and joint sealant manufacturer exporting its products to more than forty countries and belonging to the Wolf Group was 28.3 million euros, growing by more than 50% when compared to the results from the same period last year. The company predicts the continuing of this positive trend and meeting its budget in the second half of the economic year as well.

The promising financial results of the first half-year have a close connection to Krimelte’s widened spectrum of export countries and, when compared to the same period last year, to the considerably more stable situation on its export markets. The positive results were also influenced by the crucial decisions and investments into production and the development of sales organisation made at the beginning of the economic crisis and. “Thanks to the steps planned and strategies chosen at the beginning of the economic crisis, Krimelte has been able to increase its turnover, which can be seen in our current financial results,” said Alar Salum, the CEO of Krimelte, describing the importance of the right decisions made during rough times.

According to Salum’s predictions, the overall outcome of the economic year might still show a somewhat more conservative growth percentage of the company’s turnover. “Despite the good start-off, we are still closely monitoring the situation on the export markets since not all the markets are recovering from the crisis identically. However, we still see ourselves meeting our budget during the second half of the year, which gives us reason to expect an overall annual sales growth of 25%,” Salum added.