For the pat number of years years, Krimelte has supported Tallinn Ristiku Primary and Middle School. This is a school for children with special educational needs, and Krimelte supports the students’ extra-curricular, special interest and sports activities. In previous years, these donations have helped the school purchase a data projector and new band equipment for young musicians at the school. The activities of the school’s special interest and sports groups have also been supported.

In 2009, Krimelte’s donation was used in five major areas:
• The school band – the school bought electronic drums, guitar leads and other instruments, a mixer, hi-hats, guitar strings, drum sticks;
• Choir and school orchestra – the school bought folk costumes, musical instruments, a conga drum, and a piano stool;
• Organisation of school trips outside of Tallinn; financing the city camp activities;
• Development of IT activities – with the support of the Tiger Leap Foundation and Krimelte, the school purchased LEGO Mindstorms NXT school robot kits and CNC milling machine accessories. Robotics broadens the students’ mind and develops their technical and analytical thinking;
• Prizes and awards for students who have excelled in student competitions.

In 2010, the school plans to use Krimelte’s donation in mostly the same fields as in 2009, so they may further improve the extra-curricular options and activities available for the students. 
The 2010 donation will be used to finance the following:
• Electric guitar for the school band;
• Wireless microphones for easier organisation of school events;
• Soundproofing material to cover the walls of the band practice room;
• Additional sensors for the Lego robots so that they can also be used for teaching science (in addition to industrial arts). With the additional sensors, teachers can perform experiments in chemistry and physics classes;
• Building an active leisure area (climbing frame) in the schoolyard. On 1st May, as part of the “Let’s Do It!” workshop, dangerous and dilapidated climbing poles were removed from the schoolyard. The “Safe and Active School-day” project (under the Central Baltic Interreg IV A Programme) will cover a part of the cost of the new climbing frame. The remaining cost of the climbing frame will be covered with Krimelte’s donation;
• Prizes for students who have achieved outstanding results;
• Study trips and school trips outside of Tallinn. In February 2010, the winter sports day was held at the Piiri sports and leisure centre (at Kääriku). This was the first sports event to be held outside of the school and was much enjoyed by the students. In the first half of the 2010/2011 academic year, the school plans to hold another sports event at the Piiri sports and leisure centre.

To date, Krimelte’s donations have all been used to finance the school’s extra-curricular and special interest activities. According to Birgit Päri, supervisor of the school’s extra-curricular activities, these activities are not just intended to pass the time. They support the entire study process and help to ensure the all-rounded development of the students.