Design recognition for the PENOSIL EasyPRO spatula


The PENOSIL EasyPRO spatula has been selected for the final round of the Bruno product design award of the Estonian Association of Designers. Of the 138 submissions, 59 have been selected for the final round, and the EasyPRO spatula is now competing in the Best Design of An Engineering-Technical Product category against two types of parcel lockers, a thermostat, a bicycle mud guard, a pier service station and a ball game used in occupational therapy. The nominated works will be exhibited at the XIII Design Night exhibition, which will open on 10 September at the atrium of Viru Keskus. The winners will be announced at the award gala on 14 September.

Krimelte launched the EasyPRO spatula in 2016, when the EasyPRO sealants that are marketed to home builders under the PENOSIL brand were equipped with a free tool – a spatula. The spatula was developed because, although the sealant was high-quality, people were having trouble applying it and weren’t happy with the aesthetic appearance. The spatula makes it easy to apply joint filler without previous experience. The spatula’s design was a result of teamwork. The challenge was to fuse industrial production, functional design, ergonomic qualities and top user experience to generate value added for the joint fillers developed at Krimelte. EasyPRO is available in 12 countries: including the Baltics, France, Spain and Russia.

Please see the competition entry here:



Wolf Group participates in the Industry 4.0 Working Group


From 2018, Tehnopol, an enterprise that provides business services for technology-based start-up entrepreneurs and growing companies, will launch Industry 4.0 Idea Days and hackathons – marathon brainstorming sessions – requested by Enterprise Estonia (EAS). To set the focus of the events and screen out the burning issues of the industrial sector, Tehnopol convened a meeting with the representatives from the focus group of industrial companies, professional associations of manufacturing enterprises, research and educational institutes and interest groups.

Wolf Group/Krimelte was represented by Tiit Arro, its Business Development and Marketing Director. The priority topic of the meeting was procurement logistics or the logistics from an order receipt up to the manufacturing process.

“Using the example of Wolf Group/Krimelte, I provided the participants with an overview of how our technopol2business team is working on the control of forecasting procurement needs, finding and evaluating suppliers, the availability of raw materials, transport and inspecting incoming goods,” said Tiit Arro.

The most important keywords in the procurement logistics are:

  • Purchasing need – how to find the components and raw materials needed for purchase, and determine the need for purchase;
  • Data – order forecasting, Big Data use, machine learning; 
  • Incoming quality control; 
  • Linking deliveries with real logistics; 
  • The need to centralise the price information and quantities of the material planned for purchase; 
  • Requirements for the composition and origin of the materials based on a batch.

The first hackathon will be held from 19 to 21 January in Tallinn. The goal is both to develop new solutions and find existing uses. “From the perspective of Wolf Group/Krimelte, we hope that the result of the hackathon will produce real possibilities to automate and optimise the processes,” said Tiit Arro.

Penosil helps to bring literary fiction to Estonians


67 original and previously unpublished manuscripts have been submitted to the novel contest of the Estonian Writers' Union, which was revived by private capital, including Wolf Group affiliate Penosil in 2014. First place was awarded to Vahur Afanasjev's novel Serafima ja Bogdan.


Building chemistry can be found in every corner of the world


Krimelte products are produced as a result of continuous development and testing. Chemistry is the key to Krimelte products which reach to almost every corner of the world, or to nearly 60 countries today The company is ready to go far when looking for good chemists for product development.

Read more how Dr. Gary Urb and Veigo Kallaste spoke from product development to packaging and labels in magazine Inseneeria.


Wolf Group and Krimelte at BAU 2015


BAU Munich 2015, the “World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems” is taking place January 19-24, 2015.

Please feel invited to visit Wolf Group at Hall A6, Stand 420.

BAU Munich is the largest and most important biennial fair solely focused on the building industry. Wolf Group will be represented on it with own stand for first time. 

Wolf Group acquires majority of shares in Olive Química S.A., a Spanish company


The transaction gives opportunities for strengthening Group’s presence in Western Europe and the Spanish-speaking markets worldwide.


Member of FEICA, Krimelte, signed a Declaration of Intent


In September 2012 European one-component foam (OCF) manufacturers representing more than 90% of the market came together to sign a Declaration of Intent aimed at implementing international standards and enhancing the reputation of the industry. An early achievement has been the development of standardised test methods, which will allow the performance of OCF products to be measured, compared and communicated in an accurate manner for the first time.


Krimelte foams fitted with a new economic applicator


Starting from 1 February, all straw foams manufactured at Krimelte factories are fitted with a new straw applicator that has a new design and an optimum diameter. The new applicator has been designed by Krimelte in order to make the use of straw foams easier and more economic.

The new straw is thinner than before and based on the tests, it ensures better results under various conditions, compared to other diameters.blank-strawfoam

In comparison with the traditional wider straw, the advantages are:

34% better outflow
40% more accurate measures
20% smaller post-expansion
33% tighter structure

Besides that, the new straw trigger has a special nozzle for attaching the straw during pauses of up to 1.5 hours to avoid clogging in the straw.

Wolf Group delivers its best financial-year performance of all time


Wolf Group, which exports construction foams, joint sealants and breathable facade solutions to nearly fifty countries, has delivered its all-time best business performance. In the 2012 financial year, the sales turnover of the group of companies grew by approximately 12%, amounting to 91 million euro. Wolf Group posted an operating profit of 8.3 million euro. The business performance was positively impacted by an increase in production efficiency, an expansion of exports to new countries, and a strengthening of positions on the existing export markets.


Krimelte intensifies cooperation with University of Tartu


Krimelte, a producer of joint sealants and construction foams that imports approximately 95% of its produce, and Tartu University Foundation announced a grant aimed at the support of gaining education and pursuing scientific work in the field of chemistry.

The grant is open for application to all master’s candidates of the field of chemistry in the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Tartu.

“We have enjoyed many years of successful cooperation with the University of Tartu and the initiation of this grant programme is a natural continuation of our fruitful joint endeavours,” Alar Salum, the managing director of Krimelte, comments on the new grant fund.

Salum says that the development of the field of construction chemistry has been impressive.  “Our success is continuously based on our keeping track of the developments in the field, and hence our intention is to inspire students to research the contemporary methods used in the production of polyurethane foams,” 

The grant winner will be selected during the month of November by representatives of Krimelte and the University of Tartu, and the grant is officially handed over on the anniversary of the Estonian-speaking University in the beginning of December.