Krimelte and the Estonian State Puppet and Youth Theatre to erect a foam nun


This weekend, the opening event of Tallinn Treff Festival by the Estonian State Puppet and Youth Theatre will offer the audience something they have never seen before. For the opening act of the festival, a sculpture of a nun made from Penosil building foam will be erected in the Old Town. The erection of the foam nun sculpture, which is over 2 metres high and is based on an Old Town legend, was proposed by Mr. Jüri Kuuskemaa, designed by artist Kalju Kivi, and initiated by Krimelte, a company belonging to the Wolf Group, and the Estonian State Puppet and Youth Theatre.

“For the beginning of the upcoming year, which is brimming with cultural events, we decided to tell some of the greatest and most outstanding stories of the history of our town,” said Mr. Jaan Puusaag, the Chairman of the Board, in revealing the background to the foam num sculpture. “The Krimelte Wolves” highly appreciate culture, and I enjoy the opportunity to see art being created by using Krimelte building form for a somewhat extraordinary application, which will definitely give some added value to our product,” Mr. Puusaag added.
The foam nun, which will soon be completed, represents a pilot project. A large sculpture competition, organised by Penosil, will be launched during the year of the Cultural Capital, and young and promising artists and architects from all over Estonia are expected to participate in the event. 

According to the director of the Estonian State Puppet and Youth Theatre, Mr. Meelis Pai, about 20 sculptures of Penosil building foam will be erected in the Old Town of Tallinn next year. These will be initiated by Mr. Kalju Kivi and in co-operation with Krimelte. The sculptures will symbolise various legends linked to the Old Town and memorable historical events.

The story of the foam nun, which will tower on the outdoor terrace of the ice cream café of NUKU museum at Nunne Street, dates back many centuries, and tells of nuns who escaped from Saint Michael’s Convent of the Cistercian Sisters of Tallinn at the beginning of the 16th century. The nuns, who were escaping from the convent and
choosing in favour of secular life, were quite an issue for the community back then. The story of sister Elsabe, who was the first to turn her back on convent life to return to secular life – now reborn as a foam sculpture with some assistance from Penosil building foam – is a beautiful legend, and one that is definitely worth remembering. Approximately 50 cans of Penosil building foam will be needed to make the nun. 

Krimelte, a company of Estonian origin and belonging to the Wolf Group, is a leading joint sealant and building foam manufacturer in Europe. Apart from the factory in Estonia, Krimelte has production plants in Russia and Denmark. Krimelte’s export network covers countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Japan and Russia.

See also the picture gallery, which captures some of the moments of the process of erecting Elsabe, the runaway foam nun: 

Improving Export Markets Ensured Strong Growth for Krimelte


Krimelte is a Wolf Group company that exports almost 95% of its production. Krimelte’s 2010 Q1 sales rose by more than one-third in comparison to 2009, amounting to 118.5 million EEK. The company predicts that the growth trend of Q1 will continue into the second quarter of 2010.

The Q1 results were positively affected by the increase in export and domestic sales and by the more stabilised conditions on export markets. “Despite the long rough winter, which postponed the start of the construction season throughout Europe, we were satisfied with our growth performance in Q1. With the stabilisation of the global export markets, we hope that the positive trend in Krimelte’s sales will continue for the remainder of the year,” said Mr Alar Salum, Krimelte’s Managing Director.

According to Salum, Q1 sales picked up strongly on all of Krimelte’s markets. “Expanding our operation and increasing our market share have always been important goals for us. Today, we are happy to say that the penetration of the Brazilian market – which was successfully launched last year – is going according to plan. Also, we have seen surprisingly positive developments in Japan and on several other markets. In the second half of the year, we expect to see particularly positive developments in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Romania,” expressed Salum.

Mr Tiit Arro, Managing Director of Impextra OÜ, another Wolf Group company (which focuses on the Baltic and Scandinavian markets retailing breathing wall systems under the Tempsi brand), predicts that the renovation market will see more activity in Q2. “I am sure that the cold and harsh winter has made many home-owners see the shortcomings in the insulation of their homes,” said Arro.

Established in Estonia, Krimelte has become the leading European manufacturer of construction adhesives and sealants, and has received the “Exporter of the Year” title several times. Krimelte has production facilities in Estonia, Russia, and Demark. The company’s export network includes, among others, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Japan, and Russia.

In autumn of last year, Krimelte decided to unite all of the group’s companies involved in sales and production under a single umbrella brand called Wolf Group. In addition to Krimelte’s sales and manufacturing companies in Estonia and abroad, Wolf Group also includes the PENOSIL and Tempsi brands.

For 2009, Krimelte reported a consolidated sales revenue of 813 million EEK, and an operating income (EBIT) of 64 million EEK.

For more information:
Alar Salum
Managing Director of Krimelte 
Tel.: +372 605 9300
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Iveri Marukashvili
Communications Manager for Krimelte
Tel.: +372 53 411 813
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Krimelte supports Tallinn Ristiku Primary School


For the pat number of years years, Krimelte has supported Tallinn Ristiku Primary and Middle School. This is a school for children with special educational needs, and Krimelte supports the students’ extra-curricular, special interest and sports activities. In previous years, these donations have helped the school purchase a data projector and new band equipment for young musicians at the school. The activities of the school’s special interest and sports groups have also been supported.

In 2009, Krimelte’s donation was used in five major areas:
• The school band – the school bought electronic drums, guitar leads and other instruments, a mixer, hi-hats, guitar strings, drum sticks;
• Choir and school orchestra – the school bought folk costumes, musical instruments, a conga drum, and a piano stool;
• Organisation of school trips outside of Tallinn; financing the city camp activities;
• Development of IT activities – with the support of the Tiger Leap Foundation and Krimelte, the school purchased LEGO Mindstorms NXT school robot kits and CNC milling machine accessories. Robotics broadens the students’ mind and develops their technical and analytical thinking;
• Prizes and awards for students who have excelled in student competitions.

In 2010, the school plans to use Krimelte’s donation in mostly the same fields as in 2009, so they may further improve the extra-curricular options and activities available for the students. 
The 2010 donation will be used to finance the following:
• Electric guitar for the school band;
• Wireless microphones for easier organisation of school events;
• Soundproofing material to cover the walls of the band practice room;
• Additional sensors for the Lego robots so that they can also be used for teaching science (in addition to industrial arts). With the additional sensors, teachers can perform experiments in chemistry and physics classes;
• Building an active leisure area (climbing frame) in the schoolyard. On 1st May, as part of the “Let’s Do It!” workshop, dangerous and dilapidated climbing poles were removed from the schoolyard. The “Safe and Active School-day” project (under the Central Baltic Interreg IV A Programme) will cover a part of the cost of the new climbing frame. The remaining cost of the climbing frame will be covered with Krimelte’s donation;
• Prizes for students who have achieved outstanding results;
• Study trips and school trips outside of Tallinn. In February 2010, the winter sports day was held at the Piiri sports and leisure centre (at Kääriku). This was the first sports event to be held outside of the school and was much enjoyed by the students. In the first half of the 2010/2011 academic year, the school plans to hold another sports event at the Piiri sports and leisure centre.

To date, Krimelte’s donations have all been used to finance the school’s extra-curricular and special interest activities. According to Birgit Päri, supervisor of the school’s extra-curricular activities, these activities are not just intended to pass the time. They support the entire study process and help to ensure the all-rounded development of the students.

Wolf Group supports the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival ( PÖFF)


The 13th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) is held from 12 November to 6 December 2009. The aim of the festival is to give Estonian people the opportunity to experience all the colourful delights of world cinema, and cater to all kinds of tastes and people of all ages. Krimelte’s master brand Wolf Group is the main sponsor of this year’s festival, which is organised by a non-profit association (MTÜ Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival).

For the first time in the festival’s history, there will be a Wolf Group shadow movie competition. A shadow play box has been set up at the Solaris Centre where everyone can try making hand shadows and film their story. The shadow play box at Solaris is open until the end of the festival, that is, 6 December. Visit Wolf Group’s website to read more about the competition.

Wolf Group is the master brand of Krimelte, an Estonian manufacturer of construction products and materials. The brand unites all of the company’s trademarks, sales divisions and factories in Estonia as well as abroad. The wolf depicted in the Wolf Group logo is a Nordic symbol associated with wisdom, ambition, courage, but also the ability to cooperate. These are also the core values of Wolf Group.

Krimelte to unite all group’s companies under new brand - the Wolf Group


Krimelte, a joint sealant and construction foam manufacturer, which exports almost 95% of its products will unite all the companies of the group that specialise in sales and production under one umbrella brand, the Wolf Group. In the future, all the companies and brands belonging to the Krimelte group will also feature the symbols of the Wolf Group to indicate their connection to the corresponding group of companies. The Wolf Group unites all of Krimelte’s sales and production companies located both in Estonia as well as abroad, including the PENOSIL and Tempsi brands.

According to Jaan Puusaag, Chairman of the Managing Board of Krimelte, the new umbrella brand was created due to the quick expansion of the company to new fields of production during the past few years. “The aim of introducing the new umbrella brand is to create a situation in which all the companies belonging to the group would share the same values. This would ensure the quality of the products and the functionality of the company’s business model. However, the new umbrella brand also aims to make the structure of the companies more logical and understandable for our customers and partners. The change will help our customers to see the connection between different products and companies in order for them to be able to trust the quality that is appreciated in more than 30 countries,” said Puusaag. 

The Wolf Group logo features

Krimelte has its eye on South-America


The Estonian producer of joint sealants and insulation foams Krimelte has concluded a contract with a Brazilian importer and plans to start exporting insulation foams to other South American countries as well, the business daily Aripaev reports.

"After the whole system is in place opening of the new market is just a matter of time. This will happen in six or 12 months," CEO Jaan Puusaag told the paper.

Krimelte has to date delivered a couple of containers of goods to the Brazilian importer Ancora which Puusaag said represents a tiny part of the company's sales that exceed one billion kroons (EUR 64 mln).

As exporting to Brazil started only this year shipments to that country could make up 2 to 3 percent of the turnover next year, which is more than 30 million kroons, Puusaag said.

Krimelte is holding talks with another importer in Brazil. The company has found an importer in Argentina as well, but getting the necessary certificates is going to take some more time. 

Puusaag predicts that first deliveries could reach Argentina already in six months. The next target in South America is Chile.

The chief executive noted at the same time that Krimelte's sales have shrunk by 30 percent this year in comparison with 2008 and the company will probably end the year with sales of around 700 million kroons, slightly less than a year earlier.

Puusaag did not rule out the possibility that in addition to all the cuts made to date costs will have to be reduced more in the future.

The Estonian-equity Krimelte exports its products to more than 30 countries.


PENOSIL and TEMPSI will take part in a construction fair in Ukraine


The international construction fair will take place in Kiev from 15 to 18 September. At the fair, the PENOSIL and TEMPSI brands will share a stand. You can find us in pavilion No 1, stand number À243.

INTERBUDEXPO 2009 ³s an international exhibition of the newest building materials and technologies. It is destined to assist in the creation of the modern building complex in Ukraine. INTERBUDEXPO is aimed at the application of resource-conserving, ecologically clean materials and technologies to construction, optimization of the building, architectural and project decisions.

PENOSIL new products are: Penosil Premium BetPrimer, Penosil Premium HydroStop, Penosil Premium Aquabrake Fiber, Penosil Premium Aquabrake Fabric, Penosil Premium BathCoating, Penosil Premium Foam Activator. 
TEMPSI GRANITO - dry-dash finished cement chipboards for cladding works.
Come and see our new products!

OOO Krimelte Ukraine

Jaan Puusaag competed for the World Entrepreneur Of The Year title


This year, the World Entrepreneur Of The Year final was held in Monte Carlo from 27 to 31 May, and it was the first time that an Estonian representative participated in the competition. 43 countries chose their local Entrepreneur of the Year and this time their number included Jaan Puusaag who also competed for the World Entrepreneur of the Year title.

The jury included representatives from countries like Sweden, the Republic of South Africa, UK, Kazakhstan, China, India, Mozambique etc. The coveted title was awarded to Cao Dewang, Chairman of China’s Fuyao Glass Industry Group, which manufactures automotive glass.

Jaan Puusaag says that being a participant in the competition was a great honour both for him and all the other nominees. “The atmosphere, prestige and importance of the event are things that no entrepreneur could buy for money — these must be earned with hard work. Of course, we have earned this together with all the employees of Krimelte. Believe me, when I drank champagne in Monte Carlo it was on behalf of all the Krimelte Wolves (Visit! The companies represented in the entrepreneur award competition varied greatly in terms of size, staff numbers and the area of activity. All 43 finalists felt as winners all throughout the event. The fact that one of us received the title at the end was just a bonus for the winner,” explains Jaan Puusaag.

The World Entrepreneur Of The Year (WEOY) award programme was launched in 1986 in the western states of USA, with the aim to recognise entrepreneurs whose resourcefulness and determination have allowed them to build successful and growth-oriented companies.

Today, the programme includes many countries worldwide and continues to recognise entrepreneurs and enterprise, by determining the best entrepreneur locally in each country and also globally. At the moment, EOY is probably the most large-scale award programme for entrepreneurs in the world.

Photos of the WEOY event and Jaan Puusaag in Monte Carlo can be found at:

Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications and representatives of Enterprise Estonia visited Krimelte


On Monday, 25 May, Krimelte hosted Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Mr Juhan Parts and a team from Enterprise Estonia, including Chairman of the Board Mr Ülari Alamets, Member of the Board Mrs Maria Alajõe, Director of the Enterprise Capability Division Mrs Pille-Liis Kello and Mr Toomas Molok from the Export Division.

The aim of the meeting was to see how Krimelte as a leading exporter in Estonia is doing, how production has been set up, what Krimelte thinks about the current economic conditions in Estonia and what ways Krimelte envisions for boosting our economy and export, above all.

In April, the Prime Minister of Estonia Mr Andrus Ansip also visited Krimelte, in order to meet the management of Krimelte and discuss the country’s export policy and how the state could help exporting companies in the current economic environment.

Prime minister Andrus Ansip paid a visit to Krimelte


On Tuesday, 14 April Andus Ansip, the prime minister of the Republic of Estonia, visited the factory of Krimelte and met the managers of the company.

The prime minister met the members of the Management Board of Krimelte in order to ask how the company was doing, to discuss the country’s export policies, and the problems and challenges of the companies exporting their goods in today’s complicated economic environment. “It is good that there are such companies as Krimelte and ABB in Estonia, which export billions of Estonian kroons worth of goods from Estonia. Exporting is important and, for this reason, the support programmes of the state need to focus more on those needs that might arise when the exporting companies are entering new markets,” Ansip noted. 

The prime minister met the members of the Management Board of Krimelte in order to ask how the company was doing, to discuss the country’s export policies, and the problems and challenges of the companies exporting their goods in today’s complicated economic environment. “It is good that there are such companies as Krimelte and ABB in Estonia, which export billions of Estonian kroons worth of goods from Estonia. Exporting is important and, for this reason, the support programmes of the state need to focus more on those needs that might arise when the exporting companies are entering new markets,” Ansip noted.

In addition, the prime minister was taken on an excursion in the factory of Krimelte where Jaan Puusaag, the Chairman of the Management Board of Krimelte, introduced the prime minister the production process of building foams and joint sealants.

“The prime minister’s visit is a great compliment and honour to Krimelte and I am glad that, in these difficult times, the prime minister of Estonia has decided to communicate personally with the exporting companies in order to find solutions,” said Puusaag commenting on the prime minister’s visit.

Krimelte exports 95% of its products to more than 30 countries. Among others, the products of the company are exported to such countries as Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Germany, the Ukraine, Japan and Russia.  In 2008, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and in 2009 Poland were added to the already existing export markets.

The newest products in the product range of the company include epoxy putties called PENOSIL Premium FastFix meant for fast repairs and the adhesive foam called PENOSIL Premium Polystyrol FixFoam meant for the fixing of insulation boards.

The consolidated sales turnover of the Krimelte Group in 2008 was 1.013 billion Estonian kroons, having increased by almost 16 per cent in one year.